Volunteer Job Position

VSO Director of Relations

Expected monthly time commitment: 4-5 hours

The Leadership Veteran program will provide nonprofit operation best practice education to local Veteran Service Organizations.

A key role for the success of the Leadership Veteran program, the VSO Director of Relations will identify and contact Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) along the Front Range to establish relationships for the purpose of invitations to Leadership Veteran and/or participating in the program as a subject matter experts. 

Expected Role and Responsibility:

  • Develop an outreach plan to establish and maintain strategic partnerships with community partners, VSOs, veterans and their families.
  • Serve as an outward-facing representative of the Post 1 Foundation with VSOs along the Front Range
  • Create and maintain a database of VSOs including key personal/information for internal program use and share with all VSOs to facilitate inner VSO collaboration
  • Work collaboratively with the Foundation’s communication and social media liaisons to create and maintain a VSO newsletter as needed (mid-late 2021)
  • Identify needs, opportunities and solutions that the Foundation should address
  • Participate in the Leadership Veteran program development, help to promote the program to VSOs  and identify prospective VSO participants

Preferred Experience:

  • At least 3 years of professional relationship management experience
  • Business or non-profit partnership development
  • Ability to initiative first contact with organizational leadership
  • Experience with program development and contribution to developing program strategy
  • Successful track record of client or partner relationship development and management Strong written and verbal skills

Be part of something greater than oneself.

To start the conversation, email your resume or LinkedIn bio to Michael Mitchel at Michael@Post1Foundation.org