Post 1 Foundation Collaborates With a Poignant Tribute- 100 Hand-blown Glass Remembrance Poppies​

In 2018, the Post 1 Foundation, in collaboration with the Denver Botanic Gardens, Museum of Glass, OC National Search, Colorado Freedom Memorial, MSU Denver, VFW Post 1, 101st Army Band and the Bonfils Stanton Foundation, commemorated the 100th WWI Armistice anniversary with a poignant tribute—100 hand-blown glass remembrance poppies.


These exquisite glass poppies were meticulously crafted by students of the renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly’s Hot Shot Heroes program at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA.

The Glass Remembrance Poppies were prominently displayed at the Museum of Glass, the national VFW convention in Kansas City, and at the VFW Post 1 Memorial Day ceremony. All these events culminated in a special ceremony on November 11, 2018, marking the solemn occasion of the 100th Armistice ceremony.

On a local level, The Furnace, a distinguished glassworks studio, contributed by creating handcrafted Columbines. Each flower bore a WWI-era dog tag inscribed with the name of a Coloradan who did not return from WWI. Notably, both studio owners, Corey Silverman (Artist) and Leanne Silverman, share a personal connection, as their fathers served in the US Army.

These Glass Remembrance Flowers served a dual purpose—they became poignant mementos, and each one was sold as part of a fundraiser for the VFW Post 1 Veteran Community Center. This heartfelt initiative aimed to honor the memory of those who served and to support the VFW Post 1 community in its ongoing mission.



In expressing our deep appreciation to the sponsors and partners who played a vital role in this poignant initiative, we extend heartfelt thanks to:

Denver Botanic Gardens: Your commitment to fostering cultural connections and commemorating important milestones was invaluable. Having hosted both the display and ceremony, your beautiful venue provided a fitting backdrop for this significant tribute, adding a touch of natural beauty to the solemn proceedings.

  • MSU Denver: Your steadfast support in this endeavor was instrumental. Your dedication to education and community engagement greatly contributed to the success of this commemoration.
  • Bonfils Stanton Foundation: We are deeply thankful for your generous support. Your commitment to enriching the cultural landscape of our community made a lasting impact.
  • Museum of Glass: Your esteemed institution, and particularly the Hot Shot Heroes program under the guidance of Dale Chihuly, brought an unparalleled level of artistry to this commemoration. The skill and dedication of the students in crafting the glass poppies elevated this tribute to a truly remarkable level.
  • OC National Search: As a financial supporting partner, your contribution played a crucial role in bringing this commemorative initiative to fruition. Your support has been pivotal in honoring the memory of those who served.
  • Colorado Freedom Memorial: We express our gratitude for providing the names of the WWI Coloradans, a fundamental contribution that added a deeply personal and meaningful dimension to our tribute. Your collaboration has helped ensure that each Glass Remembrance Flower carries with it the memory of a Coloradan who did not return from WWI.

Together, the collective efforts of these esteemed partners, financial supporters, and collaborators, not only alongside the Denver Botanic Gardens’ gracious hosting, honored the memory of those who served but also enriched our community with a poignant and artistic expression of remembrance. We were privileged to have had your support in marking this significant chapter in history. Thank you for making this tribute a reality.

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