Mission Accomplished: Last Minute GI Working Party Saves $5K

As we’ve seen time and time again, VFW Post 1 members and volunteers demonstrate that service transcends military life.

On Friday, March 5, contractors said there would be additional demolition work required for the VFW Post 1 Veteran Community Center building renovation – to the tune of $5,000 to remove the ceiling.

Five “GI Working Parties” already saved Post 1 $260,000 with volunteer sweat equity – Michael Mitchel, past Post 1 commander and current executive director of the Post 1 Foundation, thought – could we do it again?

“My first call was to our Veterans Arts Council (VAC) Director Jim Stevens and within a few hours we had 27 volunteers lined up for two working parties (including Colorado Veterans Project and Metropolitan State University Student Veterans) slated for the weekend,” said Mitchel. “And, Home Depot donated all the safety gear and scaffolding.”

Within 24 hours of the first call for volunteers, brother and sister veterans of all walks of life and local civilian artists were able to complete the demolition within just five hours. The work was completed so quickly, the anticipated 2-day project was completed in less than one day.

Vietnam veteran and VAC artist Dean Glorso, 73, was one of the volunteers who responded to the call. Glorso spent more than three hours on the scaffolding doing the dirtiest back breaking work imaginable.

“I never cease to be proud and amazed at the veterans and community that supports and are part of our Post 1 community,” said Mitchel.

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